Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling

Our Mission

To inspire and teach you how to live more environmentally friendly through fitness and nutrition.

Like every building has a building code - the blue print - every body has a building code - that we like to call  the “GreenPrint.” This is because each of us comes from a variety of cultural backgrounds. Every person has his/her own distinct requirements for living a healthy life based on their preferences and nutritional needs.


At GreenPrint Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Counselling, we believe that living a healthy lifestyle is the first step to changing the carbon footprint that each individual is leaving on the planet. 

We are going to teach you how to shop for food locally, cook and prepare meals at home, and find fun ways to get you active and reduce personal waste - all while supporting digestion, to help cleanse the body of toxins and increase energy. 

Let us help you change your print to a GreenPrint.


Why Holistic Nutrition?

It can help with


The first step that we will take involves addressing your digestion to ensure proper absorption of nutrients and elimination of toxins.


By cutting out stimulants such as caffeine and sugar, we will focus on sleeping patterns and supporting nutrition to increase energy levels.


We will add foods to support the liver and kidneys as your body eliminates toxic build up.

Women's Health

If you have taken hormonal birth-control pills for a long period of time, like myself join me in my journey as I use food to support my reproductive system and help my cycle regulate itself again. 

Weight Loss

A term that catches your attention; however, at GreenPrint we think of weight loss as a side effect, not the goal. At GreenPrint, we focus on loving and supporting our body, at any size or shape.


Learning to manage stress is one of the key pieces of the wellness journey puzzle. By exploring mediation and exercise, we will find healthy ways to cope.



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