• Stephanie LeBlanc

My Personal Health Struggles

I have always loved and obsessed about food. I tend over indulge at meal times and place little restrictions on what I eat. Luckily for the past 25 years of my life I have had a relatively fast metabolism. Everyone always asks how do you eat that much and stay small? Truth is, I don't always over indulge, I try to eat a variety of different foods and balance the good with the bad. And, even though my "frame" stays small, my body expresses imbalance through my skin (acne and eczema issues).

When I was 12-14 I started to develop mild-severe acne, and like many girls my age who were preteens in the early 2000's I was prescribed birth control for my acne. I took my BC without question for about 10 years, until I was 24 (I just turned 28 in December 2020). At that point, I had done enough personal research that I decided I would stop and try a more natural approach to birth control. And to my surprise, my periods stopped, for a whole year.

At first I kind of liked it, then I joked about it, but after half a year went by I started to panic. I went to my doctor and got hormone and blood tests done. She told me everything was fine and I just needed to wait and let my body re-regulate itself. I cut back on my weekly exercising (which was pretty intense) and ate more foods that supported the reproductive system. After a year/ year and half, I currently now get 1 period every 7-8 weeks. I have read on the internet that could mean only one of my ovaries is ovulating.

So now at 28 years old:

- I still struggle with breakouts since I never truly addressed the problems underlying the cause. I find if I avoid dairy my skin doesn't flare up as bad, as well as in the summertime.

- Interestingly enough ,my eczema tends to flare up worse when I am living in Nova Scotia (HRM), than it does when I live in New Brunswick (Moncton area). I must always use gloves while cleaning or if my hands are in water with any harsh soap/ chemicals, and I use Working Hands hand cream which tends to keep them moist but doesn't irritate my skin.

These are just my personal experiences, every person is biochemically different and will have a different experience based on all the same inputs. I hope I have inspired you to take your own health into your hands, do your research and strive to do things that will nourish your body, mind and soul.

Take care :)

Stephanie LeBlanc R.H.N.

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